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I love this place! It is the source of so much of my social life and friendships and I credit it with curing my lifelong depression and raising my self esteem. I’ve taken lessons from most of the instructors here and, while each has a little different style and gives me a little different insight into this wonderful art, they are all fun, personable, patient and caring.

They get to know you and do all they can to get you to YOUR goals, not theirs. Some people want to be competitors, some performers, some social dancers, and some just want to learn to lead or follow without doing damage at a wedding. Whatever you want, they will get you there… and probably further, because who wants to quit having so much fun! If this is an addiction, please don’t send me to rehab, because I want to Dance Forever!


It is a pleasure to take dance lessons at Dance Forever, as well as attend parties and social events. My instructors have been so very attentive and patient. They have given me great confidence in not only in my technique, but also style. The atmosphere is welcoming, the staff is approachable and helpful and the fees are very reasonable. They are all great people and I enjoy going there each and every time!


I enjoying coming very week & building on what I learned the week before. It is a very fun environment. People are friendly. Doing something I have never done tested my shyness and nervousness, but I loved it.


The peeps here are like fortune cookies; delightful and educational at the same time.


Great staff of experienced dance professionals with a flair for fun. Troy is dedicated to his students, and always delivers whether it be a private lesson, group, or showcase performance. Ballroom dancing changed my life. It can do the same for you! Good times are just around the corner!


The teacher is awesome & the students are great! Learning a lot of new steps & combinations. The last 6 months have been an absolute blast! Some very difficult elements in the advanced levels. Enjoyed the intricacies of the patterns & love how you break down the patterns & the lead.

Salsa Group

Two years ago on February 12th, I had my first private ballroom dance lesson at Dance Forever. It was the best decision of my life so far. Thank you Cathy Nelson and Troy Agresta for creating an awesome and fun dance studio. 🙂

I enjoyed the pace of material and working on 3 dances in a group class. Great spirit & atmosphere. It is challenging understanding the lead of a new dancer.


I enjoy the supportive atmosphere of the instructors and also the students. My instructor coached me to challenge myself by participating in Showcase. I would recommend Dance Forever to my friends.


Nearly two years now since I found my ‘home away from home’ at Dance Forever. Week after week of not only learning to dance, but a happy place where I have found so much joy, made new friends and finely found the happiness within me. Each instructor give of themselves a different and exciting take on dance which makes each of them so very special. Cannot thank them all enough. I look forward to every lesson with anticipation and can’t get to the studio fast enough on my lesson days. Bless you all for the joy you bring to each student every day.


I enjoyed the instructor’s emphasis on technique – hands, frame, eye contact, and was challenged by knowing he was watching every move I did.


I am thinking to myself about the single most important or game changing event in my life of the past year and the choice has been really no contest. And that would be the day I walked through the front door of the Dance Forever studio and was met by co-owner Cathy Nelson.

Long story short…I was missing something in my life and this was to be the best move not only of the past year but hopefully of the years to come. Co-owners Troy & Cathy made me feel welcome and I started immediately.

The instructors are very talented, witty, friendly, caring and truly interested in the progress of each student. The students are great and have also made me feel welcome. I feel at home here… Like a second family (as most of my own are gone). Thank you, Dance Forever… I now have goals and feel alive again. It’s a whole new ball game!


Dance Forever has provided me with the opportunity to rediscover ballroom dancing! I never thought I would use all I learned in a previous state when I moved to Florida but thank you to all my former teachers and Dance Forever. I enjoy taking private lessons, group lessons, Friday night parties and participating in showcases. My instructors are talented, patient, professional but also fun loving. I’ve been fortunate enough to make good friends at Dance Forever and connect with other dancers who share my interest in many forms of dancing. I believe dancing helps me be emotionally and physically healthy and happy.


I enjoyed being challenged by new steps & seeing improvement in my following.


Mondays aren’t that bad with two hours of dance with Troy Agresta it’s like a daily mini vacation 🙂 at Dance Forever.


I enjoyed the emphasis on proper technique, that help getting the body parts in the right positions is excellent.. Frame is my weakest point. The growth we have had is great. We plan on continuing long term.


It took me a long time to be brave enough to take a chance on a dance studio. So many other studios had bad reputations and I didn’t want to be taken advantage of. I started at Dance Forever in March of 2014 and not only did I find a great studio, great instructors and truly fair prices, I also found a close knit family atmosphere and wonderful new friends. Not to mention finding an enjoyable way to exercise and lose those 10 pesky pounds I’d been fighting with for years.

The highlights of my week are the days I go to the studio for a lesson, even if I’m having a blue day. I always have my spirits lifted about 15 minutes into the lesson. I can recommend Dance Forever to anyone who wants to explore ballroom dancing and make new friends.


I enjoyed all the dances, I learned & laughed a lot. The turns are challenging. Great teachers! Learn & have fun too!


I have a horrible memory and can’t remember the names of the steps, but it is a great 6 week progressive class and will sign up for level 2 – enjoyed learning multiple patterns in the group setting.


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