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Private Lessons

Private lessons provide you with the quickest way to learn and are tailored to your busy schedule. Receive the complete and individualized attention of your instructor, allowing you to learn at your own pace and using the methods of teaching that are best suited to your style of learning to help you gain the most progress and meet your goals of improving your dancing.

Your instructor will focus with you on areas you find to be a challenge, so your dancing can be frustration free and your skill level continues to progress. By providing you undivided attention, your chances of developing bad habits can be addressed and minimized, creating a stronger foundation of better dancing and technique!

Introductory Lesson

Our introductory lesson can be taken with or without a partner. Your instructor uses this as an opportunity to assess your skills and understand your goals and learning style in order to recommend the most appropriate program level to fit your needs going forward should you decide you would like to continue exploring all that dance has to offer. If you are already an experienced dancer your instructor will conduct an evaluation in order to recommend a program suitable for your skill level.

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Newcomer Program

This program includes 5 private lessons. After completion of your five private lessons a beginning dancer should feel the self consciousness melting away and be growing more comfortable dancing basic patterns in a couple of dances. If you prefer, you can focus on one dance or style to maximize your execution of the technique and characteristics of that single dance or style on the dance floor. If you choose to learn multiple dances, your instructor will show you how to interrelate patterns to speed your learning curve.

Rather dance with a group?

Learn about our Group Classes.

It is a pleasure to take dance lessons at Dance Forever, as well as attend parties and social events. My instructors have been so very attentive and patient. They have given me great confidence in not only in my technique, but also style. The atmosphere is welcoming, the staff is approachable and helpful and the fees are very reasonable. They are all great people and I enjoy going there each and every time!

~ Carol

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