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Looking for the best in Dunedin Ballroom Dancing Lessons?

Our staff provides a warm, fun and lively environment for Dunedin Ballroom Dancing Lessons.Dunedin Ballroom Dancing Lessons

Whether you are a professional or these will be your first steps, Dance Forever experts will help you put one foot in front of the other and you’ll be amazed at the fun you’ll have participating with others in your “dance shoes”.

Years ago, our founder was looking for a new career when she first took a dance lesson and then decided that she want others to share in the fun and positive life experience she had. Working in your passion is a wonderful way to live. Our firm is here to provide you the best in Dunedin Ballroom Dancing Lessons.

The most romantic spot in Dunedin is undeniably Honeymoon Island. What better way to take in the gorgeous sunset than with a slow dance in the sand while a love song plays on the radio. If you and your partner need to brush up on your paired dance skills, spend some quality time together in ballroom dance lessons at Dance Forever. Of course, the benefits of ballroom dance are not limited to couples, individuals and groups of any size will find themselves at home on the dance floor. You’ll never be without someone to lead or follow in our fun, social, group classes.

We cover all eras of ballroom, whether you want to get your heart rate up with the Quickstep or you’d rather square up your shoulders for a picture perfect Waltz. With ballroom dance lessons, the possibilities are endless. Learn a few steps or master the hundreds of intricacies of each dance. Since partners are required to move in perfect alignment from start to finish, there are always areas to improve. Our individual sessions can even get you competition ready if you want to show off your skills on a larger stage. Come in to the studio today to experience the timeless elegance you’ll only find in ballroom dance.

Call Dance Forever & join us for Dunedin Ballroom Dancing Lessons!

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