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Looking for the best in Clearwater Merengue Dance Lessons?

Our staff provides a warm, fun and lively environment for Clearwater Merengue Dance Lessons.Clearwater Merengue Dance Lessons

Whether you are a professional or these will be your first steps, Dance Forever experts will help you put one foot in front of the other and you’ll be amazed at the fun you’ll have participating with others in your “dance shoes”.

Years ago, our founder was looking for a new career when she first took a dance lesson and then decided that she want others to share in the fun and positive life experience she had. Working in your passion is a wonderful way to live. Our firm is here to provide Clearwater Merengue Dance Lessons.

We all know it gets hot in Clearwater. Especially in the summer, whether you’re catching a game at Spectrum Field or riding a jet-ski around the bay, the temperature seems to be constantly rising. But even the heat of a Clearwater summer can’t compare to the hot dance moves our instructors demonstrate in our merengue dance lessons. A fast dance that combines leg and arm movements with a quick beat, merengue is popular in the nearby islands of Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. Merengue dance lessons provide the perfect complement to our other classes, giving you a well-rounded base of dance fundamentals.

Get one-on-one attention from one of our amazing staff of professional dancers with individual lessons. Group lessons turn learning into a party where friendly new faces just add to the fun. At Dance Forever, we’ve been lucky enough to share our passion for dance with the community for years.

Give us the chance to help you fall in love with dance by taking an introductory class. Once you start dancing with purpose, you’ll never want to give it up. Dancing is a lifelong pursuit that will improve your day to day life in so many ways.

Call Dance Forever & join us for Clearwater Merengue Dance Lessons!

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