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Looking for the best Clearwater Dance Lessons?

Our staff provides a warm, fun and lively environment for Clearwater Dance Lessons.Clearwater Dance Lessons

Whether you are a professional or these will be your first steps, Dance Forever experts will help you put one foot in front of the other and you’ll be amazed at the fun you’ll have participating with others in your “dance shoes”.

Years ago, our founder was looking for a new career when she first took a dance lesson and then decided that she want others to share in the fun and positive life experience she had. Working in your passion is a wonderful way to live. Our firm is here to provide Clearwater Dance Lessons.

With all of the bars and restaurants located in Clearwater, there is ample opportunity to hear live music every night of the week. If you find yourself wanting to take your enjoyment of music further, it’s time to sign up for dance lessons at Dance Forever. Moving in time to your favorite song allows you to experience music in a whole new way.

In our progressive dance lessons you’ll focus on one style of dance until you master it. Or, if you’d rather brush up on skills you already have or experiment with different dance styles, try our drop-in classes anytime your schedule permits. Learning to dance will give you a new way to express yourself and benefit your life in countless ways. Dance is a universal symbol of happiness and celebration. You’ll be amazed at what your body is capable of when you practice dance movement.

Come in and take a tour of our studio to see all the fun we have to offer. Bring a group or join one of our existing classes where you’re sure to meet some new friends. At Dance Forever, we hope to spread a passion for all types of dance throughout the community.

Call Dance Forever & join us for Clearwater Dance Lessons!

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