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About Us

Meet the Dance Forever Team

How & Why we do what we do…
We love hearing clients talk about the feeling they experience at Dance Forever – one that is unlike anywhere else they have been!

There are reasons why they feel so good when they are here – mainly our professional staff. We are blessed to have energetic, upbeat, friendly & knowledgeable dance professionals who LOVE what they do for a living, and enjoy working together as a team in our studio to enhance your experience.

Unlike other studios, our professionals are paid employees (not freelancers) who earn their living by TEACHING rather than SELLING. This takes the stress out of their job, and takes the pressure off our customers because DANCE is FUN – we want to keep it that way! Also, our staff is under an employment agreement with our studio, which means unlike Independent Instructors they only teach students of Dance Forever here at Dance Forever.

Come experience the difference today. One of our staff members would be happy to give you a complimentary tour, introduce you to other staff members, and explain all the activities available for you to participate in.

The Founding Owners: Troy Agresta & Cathy Nelson

Troy & Cathy met in the fall of 2008 when Cathy took her introductory lesson from Troy, who found his passion for dancing & teaching others at age 19. Their goal is to introduce others to all the benefits dance has to offer and are rewarded by experiencing the positive transformation that dance brings to life!

Our New Student Specialist

New students enjoy learning from Dan Ramirez, who strives to develop new dancers from their Introductory, Newcomer & Social Foundation Programs through Bronze and eventually performing and competing. Allow him to introduce a variety of dances to you & your friends, explain our team approach of the ‘buddy’ system, and help define your dance goals.

Julie Fisher has a lifetime of dance in her background. She enjoys refining the technical aspects of dancing with students who have committed to incorporate dance into their lifestyle as a social hobby, or to reach personal goals through performance and competition.

​W​edding dance ​choreograph​y is Rosa’s specialty, whether it’s the first dance as Bride & Groom, with a parent, or group lessons for the wedding party, Rosa creates unique choreography for your song. She will assist in making your dance as simple & elegant or as fun & crazy as you like! ​Enjoy a simple & fun time learning together (during what can be hectic and stressful​ time​)​. You will look​ forward to ​dancing during married life​!​

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