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Fair Pricing – Friendly Staff – Fun Environment! We cultivate & share the enjoyment all the benefits of dance bring to life. Experience the difference with us, we make YOU the STAR!

“You can tell yourself that you have already decided, that nothing now can stop you, but if that step backwards is so much safer than step forwards, what will hold you true to your path when the going gets tough? Sometimes, the right thing to do is to take that first irreversible step, the one after which you cannot go back. And now, for you, is one of those times.”

Are you ready to take that first irreversible step? If so, take the first step and Dance Forever!

Don’t keep us a secret, we reward referrals.

We also are home to the Dance Fashion Boutique, where you can purchase Dance America Attire & more.

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Dance Forever - located in Serendipity Plaza, Clearwater FL

The better a person carries himself or herself around the dance floor, which is a different setting without the habits from daily life, the better they'll do it all the time. As one begins to stand taller and straighter, one walks with more confidence, assurance, and dignity. He/she then move with increased balance that's seen as pride without an inflated ego. A bonus from this posture adjustment is that the body tends to shed pounds and function better because the internal organs have more room to do their job.

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Without being aware of it, people who dance together become more acquainted with their body and in control of it as well as their overall appearance. Done at whatever level, it requires the active use of an extensive group of physical and control skills. Walking through patterns over and over again causes the mind-body connection to function better, in part because the individuals are more directly involved with and concerned about their overall appearance while in motion. That produces natural muscle training and toning over the time spent on any dance floor.

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Fun fun fun! Thanks Raya for bringing the cake and balloons to celebrate Nicole's first lesson as a new staff member.

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Upcoming Events

beginner **All Levels** Group Lessons $10: Smooth Thursdays at 8pm. Be inspired to improve your life through dance & join us for one of these classes. You will meet interesting people your age with active lifestyles looking to have fun while getting fit. No partner needed! “Dance completes life” says one of our students…
salsa Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Salsa Students love this 6 week multilevel program. We will have you ready to be out and salsa dancing six nights a week.  Program meets 1 hour weekly.
disco dancers Hustle Join our multilevel 6 week curriculum ($70) Tuesdays at 8pm, a great socially useful dance appropriate for many of the tempos you hear on the radio.

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Part of our 3rd anniversary celebration, our Bronze benefits program takes your dancing dollars further. Ask a staff member about complimentary items, lessons, dance parties, discounted dance attire & more!

Youth Dance LessonsExperienced leaders: ask about out dance host program!Interested in a career as a dance professional?  Apply online, no experience necessary.
Showcase December 13th – SHOWCASE!  (SPECTATOR TICKETS $25)
If you ever had the desire to learn Choreography and perform it live in front of others this is your chance – we make YOU the star! And if you never need to be the star of the show you might enjoy a catered dinner and live performances. Our last show for 110 was a sell out!
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couple dancingNewcomers – join us Wednesdays at 7pm.

Learn the basics in 8 dances

Get off the couch and out on the dancefloor.

Have fun, be fit, make new friends.


Student Testimonials

Nothing beats word of mouth referrals! We invite you to stop in & meet our students in person who had the following to say about Dance Forever.

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Even more testimonials available on our Facebook Page Notes & on our LinkedIn profiles!

I was challenged by the turns and variations of rhythm technique, keeping my frame but I am having fun learning the steps, dancing & having ‘discussions’ with my instructor. Very fun. — Victoria

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