Dance Forever offers private and group dance instruction, performance opportunities, competitive training, event choreography, entertainment, fitness classes and more!

Fair Pricing – Friendly Staff – Fun Environment! We cultivate & share the enjoyment all the benefits of dance bring to life. Experience the difference with us, we make YOU the STAR!

“You can tell yourself that you have already decided, that nothing now can stop you, but if that step backwards is so much safer than step forwards, what will hold you true to your path when the going gets tough? Sometimes, the right thing to do is to take that first irreversible step, the one after which you cannot go back. And now, for you, is one of those times.”

Are you ready to take that first irreversible step? If so, take the first step and Dance Forever!

Don’t keep us a secret, we reward referrals.

We also are home to the Dance Fashion Boutique, where you can purchase Dance America Attire & more.

Upcoming Events

Join us Friday April 18th at 1pm, RSVP please as we will provide refreshments.

Join us Friday April 18th at 1pm, RSVP please as we will provide refreshments.


-MEN WANTED!  Age 18-29 learn to dance at Dance Forever ($80 value, look for our Amazon Deal coming soon).  No experience needed.  8 dancesRSVP (727)723-3269.  Ladies, we heard you when you told us you wanted more men to partner with, do your part & invite all the men you know!

**All Levels** Group Lessons $10: Technique Thursdays at 8pm. If 2014 has you inspired to improve your life join us for one of these classes. You will meet interesting people your age with active lifestyles looking to have fun while getting fit. No partner needed! “Dance completes life” says one of our students…beginner

- Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Salsa Students love this multilevel program. We will have you ready to be out and salsa dancing six nights a week.

- Hustle multilevel 6 week curriculum ($70) Tuesdays at 8pm, a great socially useful dance appropriate for many of the tempos you hear on the radio.
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Ladies Only – Wednesdays at 8pm!
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international dance day

Join Us…

SHOWCASE! MAY 31ST, 2014Showcase Enrollments through April. If you ever had the desire to learn choreography and perform it live in front of others this is your chance – we make YOU the star! And if you never need to be the star of the show you might enjoy a catered dinner and live performances. Tickets $35 while they last.

- Read interesting articles and watch dance related videos found on our facebook page. Thank you for 600+ LIKES!
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Welcome our new neighbors, Carlos & Gloria, who will be teaching Yoga in Serendipity Plaza and want to offer YOU 2 Free Classes:

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Student Testimonials

Nothing beats word of mouth referrals, and we invite you to stop in & meet our students in person who had the following to say:

Loretta: “I enjoyed being challenged by new steps & seeing improvement in my following.”

Debby: “I enjoyed all the dances, I learned & laughed a lot. The turns are challenging. Great teacher! Learn & have fun too!”

Scott: “I enjoy the supportive atmosphere of the instructors and also the students. My instructor coached me to challenge myself by participating in Showcase. I would recommend Dance Forever to my friends.”

Gail: “Always enjoy watching Troy do what he loves – dancing. I was challenged by the new step to learn each week in the progressive group class and like learning the basic steps before getting too technical with styling.”

Kristen: “Debbie has a great, welcoming personality and makes beginners feel comfortable. I enjoyed learning Merengue, bachata and some new turns in salsa.”

Frank: “I enjoyed the emphasis on proper technique, that help getting the body parts in the right positions is excellent.. Frame is my weakest point. The growth we have had is great. We plan on continuing long term.”

Raya: “I enjoyed the pace of material and working on 3 dances in a group class. Great spirit & atmosphere. It is challenging understanding the lead of a new dancer.”

Richard – I was tense but my instructor is very patient I enjoyed most all.

Jena: “I enjoyed the instructor’s emphasis on technique – hands, frame, eye contact, and was challenged by knowing he was watching every move I did.”

Clint: “I enjoying coming very week & building on what I learned the week before. It is a very fun environment. People are friendly. Doing something I have never done tested my shyness and nervousness, but I loved it.”

Gail: “It was a lot of fun learning & practicing the 3 dances that were demonstrated. Hope to take more Latin classes in the future.”

Shawn – I have a horrible memory and can’t remember the names of the steps, but it is a great 6 week progressive class and will sign up for level 2 – enjoyed learning multiple patterns in the group setting.

Victoria: “I was challenged by the turns and variations of rhythm technique, keeping my frame but I am having fun learning the steps, dancing & having ‘discussions’ with my instructor. Very fun.”

Joanne – “I enjoyed everything.”

Vicki – “I enjoy the break I get coming to a dance lesson & the company in the group. I really enjoyed it – thanks.”

Brittany – “I was challenged by the combinations even though we have taken some classes (elsewhere) before we are still learning. I enjoyed the group classes. Pase bien tiepo!”

Joan – “My instructor certainly knows his stuff. He corrected my faults and taught me proper foot work & movement.”

Eugenyia- “My instructor is very good with every little step movement in teaching, being strict and delicate at the same time. I feel happy here and I like it!”

Marilyn – “I love dancing with all of you, learning new steps, my instructor is fun (and knowledgeable, but don’t tell him that!).”

More from others:
“Truly an excellent dance instructor: inspiring, encouraging, never critical or disrespectful. My instructor has a pleasant professional approach which makes the lesson enjoyable AND productive. I have been a student for the past two years and will always highly recommend my instructor to those who genuinely want to learn AND have a blast!”

“My instructor has worked with my wife and me on several occasions and is doing so now. We worked with several instructors in the past at a different studio and found my current instructor to be by far the most personable. My instructor can help at the beginner or expert level.”

“I have a great instructor who makes sure that you, not only learn the technique, but have fun doing it as well! Always friendly, great manners, has a great approach to teaching, and I learned a lot in a short period of time!”

Even more testimonials available on our Facebook Page Notes & on our LinkedIn profiles!

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